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Garage Door Repair Technician Brighton COBrighton Garage Doors is a local family owned busines located in Brighton, CO. We specialize in Garage Door repairs & installations, Garage Door Openers, and many more. Garage doors are really incredible inventions. They employ steel, electric, and battery power to operate. Not only do garage doors utilize different types of energy, but they also have hundreds of mechanical parts. From the tiniest screw, to the big aluminum panels, each component has its special job to perform. The main components of garage doors are: the opener, the springs, and the cables. If your garage door isn’t working properly, one of these is likely malfunctioning. Don’t guess what’s wrong, and NEVER let your cousin Larry tinker with your garage door system. Instead call Brighton Garage Doors to do all the dirty work – and the dangerous deeds.

Brighton is a city with so much to offer. We’ve come a long way from our Rocky Mountain gold mining days. Now, Brighton, Colorado is a booming town, ideal for enjoying the beautiful Colorado scenery and for raising families. Garage Doors & Openers is a busy family’s best friend because it makes coming and going easy and quick with the push of a button. Brighton Garage Doors is here to address any and all of your garage door needs. We can fix any garage door or opener ever made, and we install state-of-the-art garage door systems.

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Because garage doors are built into virtually every home in America, Brighton Garage Doors supplies parts from all the major manufacturers.

Our Services consist of major to minor work: New garage door installation, replacement, or repair; New garage door opener installation or repair; Spring repair; Cable repair or replacement; Keypad & Remote programming; Safety Sensors; Maintenance; Weather Seals; and many more.

Garage Door Maintenance 101 from Brighton Garage Doors

The garage door opener is the block that runs the garage door operation. When you push the magic button, a signal is sent, at which point it initiates the opening or closing sequence. The opener uses a belt, chain or screw drive for slow and steady operation, and with the help of the strong galvanized springs, raises and lowers the heavy door. Cables also help to distribute the strain, and keep the door on track. With this state of efficiency, and Brighton Garage Doors in your corner, your garage door has a life expectancy of well over two decades.

Garage Door Repair Technician Brighton COMost household appliances don’t last for fifteen to twenty years, which is just one of the reasons your garage door is so precious. In order for your garage to last as long as possible, you must take certain steps to maintain it. A visual and practical self-assessment should be performed monthly. This can be as simple as observing the door in operation to ensure that everything is on track. If the springs are rusty, the door squeaks, or the opener is delayed in response; it’s a good idea to call Brighton Garage Doors to have a technician further diagnose the problem. But be sure to call us at the very first sign of trouble. The pros at Brighton Garage Doors are sad to report that your garage door will NOT repair itself, will not get better if you scream at it, and will not jump back on the track of its own volition.

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Brighton Garage Doors wants to be the first company you call when you need anything garage door related. We only hire the most professional, friendly, and skilled technicians in the field, so that we can maintain our flawless reputation. When your garage door starts acting weird, don’t ‘til you grow a beard—call Brighton Garage Doors right away, and get it fixed fast!

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Brighton Garage Doors doesn't want you to second your choice when choosing us. So how do we get around that? We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with your garage door repair.

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