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Here in Brighton Garage Doors, we strongly recommend on keeping up with your garage door routine maintenance. Maintenance checks cost way less compared to the unknown price of garage door repairs or replacement. Luckily for you, Brighton Garage Doors offers a fairly low cost garage door repair and other garage door related services.

Garage Door Opener Replacement Brighton CO

Having a garage door opener for your garage door, is like having an engine for your car. Without an opener, how is it suppose to move? The most valuable reason for having a garage door opener installed are convenience, security, and safety.

Having your garage door open and close automatically on a single click of a button is a huge impact. You no longer have to get in and out of your car just to open and close the garage door. Big plus, especially when the weather is not so great. Another reason which we believe is the top reason you should have an automatic opening system is for safety and security for your family and valuables. People are unpredictable. You never know who could be lingering and waiting for you outside while you open or close your garage door. Especially at night homeowners are vulnerable. Getting that peace of mind is a reason on its own to having a garage door opener installed.

How It Works

The garage door opener is the star performer and Colonel Major when it comes to operating the door. The garage door opener receives the initial signal to commence the opening or closing cycle, and proceeds to use its “arm”, or track, to ease the door open or closed.

Your door will only operate smoothly if all the wires are connected properly, and if the rest of the garage door elements are in good repair. It is prudent to ensure all the parts are working accurately about once a month with a visual and practical inspection. Start by initiating the opening sequence, and observe the door in operation.

Garage Door Opener Safety Brighton CODoes it look smooth and balanced in the process? Is the operation fairly quiet, or does that door squeak and screech? Identifying symptoms like jerky and loud operation can alert you to a problem with one of the parts.

Needing A Garage Door Opener installation or Repair?

Our companhy can send any garage door problem into remission, and the prognosis will be positive for as long as we keep up the maintenance.

If your garage door opener is not responding, and you don’t know why, it could be an unseen problem. An electrical short in the wires could cause total opener malfunction, which completely disables the entire door. Because opener problems are hard to diagnose and even harder to fix, it’s best to leave the job to the pros. When your garage door opener is acting strange, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? I think not. Call Brighton Garage Doors Now!

Those looking to install a whole new motor are in luck. In this day and age, state-of-the-art openers are affordable and available in different models and brands. There are chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive openers offered on the market today. Each has its own modus operandi, its own unique benefits to bring to the table. We keep all kinds of openers in our inventory to give you the best selection of openers (officially called “operators”).

Guaranteed Garage Door Opener Repair Brighton CONo more manually prying your garage door open every day. No more toes getting smashed by a closing, dead-weight garage door. Brighton Garage Doors offers a triple play of service, professionalism, and friendliness to all of our customers. Call us the next time your garage door is on the fritz, and see what makes us the finest repair service in Colorado.

Never settle for less than the best. Insist on Brighton Garage Doors for white glove service at the lowest prices.

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